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Settling back in Bloomsburg

I think we all know by now that Steve is first and foremost a fisherman, and he does wear that hat all year long. How...

Fishtival 2017!

Click Here to check out our Facebook Event! Don't forget to RSVP and share on your wall! #fishtival2017

The boys are back in town!

The boys are back in town! The last full weekend in July brought the crew home from Bristol Bay via Seattle--where El...

100,000 lbs plus

Two weeks is a long time during a 6-8 week fishing season. Lots has happened since our last bulletin--including but n...

Bristol Bay Bulletin: The First Set

There is an exhilaration unknown to many--that is the first set of the commercial salmon season. Often boats are not ...

Bristol Bay Bulletin: Welcome!

Welcome to our first Bristol Bay Bulletin! My name is Elma, and after seven years of commercial fishing in Bristol Ba...

Addressing the Latest Parasite Issue in Salmon

(This is an article recently released by the ASMI on Parasites in Alaska Seafood) JUNEAU, Alaska – Jan. 13, 2017 - Kn...

Answering Your Fukushima Concerns

Recently we have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the incident at Fukushima, and with good reason.  We ca...

2017 Sockeye Salmon Run Prediction

To read the full report check out this link.

WFS Story

WFS STORY Beginnings In 2002, Stephen Kurian, a young arborist, and his then-girlfriend, Jenn, were offered a unique...
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