About Buying Clubs

What Is A Buying Club? 

We deliver our quality, sustainable, wild-caught seafood products to groups of seafood enthusiasts who cannot easily come to one of our retail locations. As our healthy seafood solutions have caught the attention of more and more people outside of Bloomsburg, we started buying clubs to make our "Super Food" available to those of you living within 100 miles of our area. Yes, we will come to you!


WFS Owner, Steve Kurian with the 2017 Catch!

Buying clubs meet at a predetermined date, place, and time throughout the year.  By combining your order with like-minded seafood fans, you have the buying power to have a superior product delivered to you!

How Does A Buying Club Work? 
The following instructions will walk you through the Order, Pay, and Pick-up process for Buying Club deliveries:

To Order:

  1. For first time orders, join a buying club (Click Here for a list of Active Club Schedules & a map view of all Buying Clubs. Click Here to Join
  2. Browse our Buying Club collection.
  3. Add your desired wild seafood items to your cart.
  4. Complete your order by clicking the "Checkout" button at the end of your ordering process.

To Pay:

  1. Payment is made online by credit card at the time of checkout.

To Pick-Up:

  1. Meet us at the Pickup Location you selected at checkout.
  2. Arrive on time, and enjoy!

Quick Summary: Wild For Salmon Buying Clubs
- Free Membership
- No individual order requirements
- 100lb minimum order per group delivery
- Over 60 wild, sustainable seafood products offered (including salmon treats for dogs & cats)
 -Free delivery, within 100 miles of Bloomsburg, PA 17815


It's really, THAT easy! 
There are no strings attached, no minimum orders, and no membership fees. Do not feel pressured to order every time. Let us take care of the organizing; all you need to do is place an order, pick it up, and pay on time! 

Talk it up!
Talk with some of your friends and neighbors: we have found that once people realize the opportunity and convenience to purchase seafood of this quality, they are grateful for the opportunity to join forces.

*Please note, once your order is packed- if you decide to cancel your order, or do not show up for pickup you will be assessed a $15.00 restocking fee that will be deducted from your credit card refund.

If you are located outside our 100 mile delivery area, and are interested in starting a buying club, please email us at info@wildforsalmon.com for order requirements!