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Where does the fish you eat come from? Issue #2: Alaskan Leader Pacific Cod

Where do our Alaskan Pacific Cod Loins come from? At Wild for Salmon, we value the importance of traceability in t...

Where Does The Fish You Eat Come From? Issue #1 Yakobi Fisheries Lingcod

  This is one fish that we’re really excited for you to get to know: lingcod. Lingcod is a nutritional whitefish wit...

Where do we get our crab?

Where do we get our crab? At Wild for Salmon, you are buying as directly from the fisherman as we can offer. When it...

How we "Handle" our Handling Practices!

As interest in American-harvested seafood grows -- evidenced by the growth in the number of companies like ours as we...

WFS Story

WFS STORY Beginnings In 2002, Stephen Kurian, a young arborist, and his then-girlfriend, Jenn, were offered a unique...
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