Answering Your Fukushima Concerns

sockeye salmon filleted

Recently we have been receiving a lot of questions regarding the incident at Fukushima, and with good reason.  We care deeply about these concerns and would like to address them head on so there is no more confusion.  A recent article published by KDLG stated:


"State, federal, and international agencies have been testing Alaskan seafood for Fukushima-related radiation since 2013. No detectable levels have been found."


In 2013, after additional testing of Sockeye, King, Pink, and Keta Salmon, the FDA Lab in Massachusetts determined no detectable levels of radiation from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster were present.  This is incredibly good news for Alaska Seafood lovers, and even better news for the Alaskan Natives who's livelihood depends on a bountiful and healthy ocean harvest. With these worries behind us we can prepare and enjoy our Wild Alaska Seafood for loved ones and ourselves with a clear conscience, and a smile on our faces.


Check out the KDLG article here:



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