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Wild For Salmon Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Wild For Salmon is committed to providing you with the best quality, best tasting, wild-caught and sustainable seafood products. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, please reach out to our customer service team and we will make it right for you by either providing a refund or a replacement shipment when possible. 

How to confirm your seafood is ready for the freezer:

Product arrives frozen with dry ice in the box:  Perfect!  The product should be moved to a freezer as soon as possible, being mindful to avoid directly touching any remaining dry ice still in the box.  Dry ice should be left in the shipping box and moved outside or to a well ventilated area until is has all disappeared.

Dry ice has completely sublimated, but the product is still frozen: The product is completely safe to put in the freezer and use! As your order makes its way to you, the dry ice within the box will sublimate, but the seafood will remain frozen and at top quality for the entire journey due to our packing techniques. 

Product is thawed along edges upon arrival, but still solid in the center of each piece: The product is perfectly safe to refreeze in order to cook and use later! Thanks to the specific packing techniques we have developed over the years, your product should remain frozen in the core/center of each piece of fish, making it completely safe to put in your freezer and use at a later date. 

Product is completely thawed upon arrival: Immediately check the temperature of the product:

-If the product is 40 degrees or below: It is safe to freeze and use later!

-If the product is above 40 degrees: It is not safe to consume and should be discarded. Should this occur with your product, we ask that you immediately take photos of the spoiled product and reach out to our team via email or phone message to let us know. We provide a 100% guarantee, meaning a full refund or product replacement depending on the situation. Only dispose of the seafood if it is warm to the touch and above 40 degrees. Seafood that is thawed but still cool and below 40 degrees is still considered safe to use, but we definitely still want to hear about what may have gone wrong with your delivery so we can find out how we can do better in the future, so please reach out!

Questions or concerns?

Please call our office at 570-387- 0550 or email us at info@wildforsalmon.com

**Please note that shipping rates will not be refunded unless your shipment arrives damaged or late.


Information on this page last updated:  October 2023

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