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Wildly Devoted

Our devotion to wild salmon and the pristine environment that supports them has only continued to strengthen alongside our business. From the original trip to Alaska on a whim, to Steve agreeing to captain a boat, getting a permit, and finally acquiring the F/V Ava Jane with Jenn at his side as a deckhand for 8 years, Steve and Jenn understood that investing in the fishery is also an investment in the environment. Conservation is driven by more than passion and the environment, like it or not, it is also driven by economics. Fishing in Bristol Bay demonstrates the area’s worth, and that it is worth more than the result of any mine – particularly an open pit copper mine.

“People take for granted the amazing renewable resource of wild salmon and clean water. With the rise of the Pebble Mine Project, the need to protect wild salmon habitat is at its most critical point in modern times.” -Steve Kurian

We are grateful for what the salmon and Bristol Bay have given us, and we are Wildly Devoted to this cause.

“It means more to us than just our livelihood, so giving back through raising both money and awareness is the most important thing we can do right now.” -Jenn Kurian

Through our Wildly Devoted program, Wild for Salmon has committed to giving back. We have committed to a donation of 1% of total sales to organizations like Trout Unlimited who are dedicated to preserving the Bay and advocating against projects like Pebble Mine.

“After 15 years of catching and selling salmon to wonderful customers, I know these people would want nothing more than to play a critical part in protecting the fish that nourish our body and souls. I hope this idea catches on and encourages fishermen, processors and consumers to take action and donate to the protection of wild salmon habitat.” -Steve Kurian

From all of us at Wild for Salmon, we thank you for your support, and for being Wildly Devoted alongside us.

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