Our Top 5 Seafood Recipes for Fall

Seafood Recipes Are Perfect for Fall!

Seafood is a great staple protein you can add to any meal all year round. We are always grateful for its health benefits  - especially in the fall as the temperatures drop and the weather starts to change. 

During this challenging year, we are taking extra care to eat healthy as the cold weather moves in and our immune systems are more susceptible to illness. The benefits of salmon and other seafood are helpful year round but do the most perhaps when the days get shorter and the nights colder. 

Here at Wild for Salmon we don’t care to sacrifice taste or quality for nutrition. That means we are cozying up with some of our favorite seafood recipes to warm us from the belly up and bring us cozily to hearth and home. 

One of our favorite things about the start of the fall season is that it’s the perfect time to take advantage of wild fish’s versatility. You can use it in every type of dish - soup, quiche, and even a salmon wellington! 

With so many comforting fall season seafood recipes to choose from, we decided to give you our top five fall recipes with quality seafood as the main event!

Seared Scallops With Pomegranate Beurre Blanc

Our scallops are succulent and buttery on their own, but pairing them with beurre blanc (an easy and classic French white sauce) really brings the coziness up a notch. The addition of pomegranate dresses them up with a splash of color and flavor - ideal for entertaining or a holiday meal. 

Our friend Nicole Gaffney from Coley Cooks shared this recipe with us and assures that beurre blanc is nothing to be intimidated by! Her Scallops with Pomegranate Beurre Blanc - prepared with our wild and sustainably harvested Alaska Weathervane Scallops - is redolent with fall colors and flavors. This elegant dish comes together quickly in about 40 minutes, and it will definitely impress every guest around your table. 

This meal is rich in antioxidants which we know support our overall health and immune systems. The pomegranate is a renowned antioxidant and has high-levels of Vitamin C. Scallops are a low fat, high-protein shellfish and are a great source of potassium and selenium. Selenium is a heart-healthy antioxidant that supports immune health by reducing inflammation.

Salmon Wellington - A Take on English Cuisine 

This recipe may sound complicated, but that’s the trick - it sounds fancy, and can be served beautifully for entertaining, but is relatively simple to prepare

Our version serves two for dinner or a handful of folks as an appetizer. With the puff pastry casing, it can even be served on a platter as finger-food. 

We prepared the Salmon Wellington recipe originally for a fall tasting, in-store event, and it was a hit! A versatile option for both seafood lovers and the seafood wary, this comforting recipe that contains all the salmon benefits your body is used to enjoying from the recipes here at Wild for Salmon. 

Three Smoked Salmon Recipes

There is something about the crisp and sharp taste of wild-caught and smoked salmon that really speaks to fall. Perhaps it’s because that’s when we normally eat it - as our freezer of fresh salmon begins to dwindle after the summer, and time for the smoke house finally presents itself. 

The next three recipes are favorites we encourage you to try. They all feature our smoked wild salmon products

Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

These Smoked Salmon Pinwheels are a staple for entertaining and are popular with kids. These one (or two) bite pinwheels are our version of a keto-friendly recipe by Gina Homolka for Skinny Taste. Remember the turkey roll-ups you had as a kid? Time to bring it to the next level in 2020. 

You’ll need to remember to set aside time to thaw out a package of our Nova Style Smoked Salmon, but then the preparation is quick, easy, and good practice for families, and kids, who love sushi! If you’re really missing the bagel in this recipe, sprinkle on some Everything but the Bagel Seasoning before the roll up! 

Smoked Salmon Roll-Ups

Smoked Salmon Quiche

Quiche feels like a staple of our grandmother’s weekly meal rotation, and we are psyched to be bringing it back. This recipe calls for making your own simple, homemade crust, but if that feels out of reach on your family’s average Wednesday night, there are many options in the frozen section of your local grocery store. A pie crust would be a great substitute and a delicious serving utensil for these smoked salmon scrambled eggs, which is basically what quiche is. :) 

Wild for Salmon’s recipe for Smoked Salmon Quiche starts with quality seafood and can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner - chilled or hot. 

The Nova Style Smoked Salmon is thawed and cut into bite sized pieces to mix into the veggie and egg mixture. We especially like this recipe because the vegetables are flexible and can be any greens or quick-cooking veggies you have left in your fridge.

Smoked Salmon Quiche 

If you are a fall forager and having luck with mushrooms, this is also a great recipe for your backyard chanterelles or morels. If you’re looking for something a little heartier, consider subbing the Nova Style lox for chunks of Traditional Smoked Wild Salmon. 

Creamy Smoked Salmon Leek and Potato Soup

In our opinion, you could just call late fall “the soup season.” There’s not much better than a hot bowl of hearty soup in the evening as the temperature falls below freezing. Creamy Smoked Salmon Leek and Potato Soup is a smokin’ good, one-pot wonder - yes, no dishes! It’s one of Wild for Salmon’s favorite fall recipes that we wanted to share with you as we welcome November.

Smoked Salmon and potato leek soup

 There are many types of salmon soup - notably the traditional salmon head soup - but a cream-based smoked salmon soup is another staple. Combine it with a classic Potato Leek and you can’t go wrong. This is also a great make-ahead recipe and can be stored frozen - just leave a bit more cooking time for the potatoes to do during reheating. 

Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

Of course, our favorite fall recipes are favorites because they start with quality ingredients. Many of our customers rely on summer farmer’s markets, canning and their own backyard gardens for quality vegetables all year round. Us too, and we do our best to make that same meticulousness and care available to our customers when choosing their seafood - which is why we only sell quality, sustainable seafood that we, or our trusted partners, caught ourselves.

When you purchase Alaskan salmon and other wild fish from Wild for Salmon, you buy with a quality, Wildly Devoted and 1% for the Planet guarantee as well as a commitment to clean water in Bristol Bay and beyond. 

Everyone from our fishermen to our in-store retailers (sometimes the same person!) cares about the quality of our products and our customer’s satisfaction. We understand that buying a case of frozen fish can feel like a commitment if you’re not used to eating seafood consistently or buying in bulk. Check out our Trust Pilot reviews if you need some affirmation in your choice - you won’t regret it! Especially as the season changes, and all of our cravings for hygge and cozy fall evenings grows, you’ll be glad to enjoy and serve wild fish and quality seafood regularly. 

Stock the freezer today! 

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