What to get for the person who has everything? Food!

Growing up in my family of three older brothers all with after-school commitments, busyness was just as rampant as it is, I’m sure, for each of you. Watching the Wild for Salmon team run around and make time for their amazing families, home lives (including a farm!), and company projects leaves me both awestruck and inspired.

 While looking for a break in the calendar, we would always say, “Well, everyone needs to eat” and do our best to make time to sit down together for dinner as much as possible. At the Wild for Salmon brick & mortar in Bloomsburg, PA, during the slower months of our year, the on-site team sits down for a monthly lunch together. It’s a chance to sample Chef Josh’s newest recipe or try out a new product, but it’s also a good time just to simply enjoy each other’s company and have a quick bite together. It’s easy to make time for this type of routine built around food because…everyone needs to eat.  

As the holidays sneak up on us swiftly but surely, we encourage you to remember this phrase as you shop. In a world packed to the gills with things and friends and family who seemingly have everything, why not gift them something to eat? A Wild for Salmon gift card or Seafood Meal Box is a decadent gift of health and hearth — one that you know will be used and enjoyed. 


Happy Holidays from our boat to your table! 

Think of your friend who insists on no gifts as they are blessed with full bookshelves and seem to have read each new release before you’ve even picked it up. Or, your parents who beat you to framing this year’s holiday card photo and thus left you in the lurch. 

 Giving these folks on your list the gift of a wild salmon dinner is gifting not only something they need because, of course, everyone needs to eat, but it’s also gifting an experience. With a gift from Wild for Salmon, you are giving your nearest and dearest the love and support of a home-cooked meal, one with a storied-history of a small-scale fishing operation run by a Pennsylvania family in the pristine waters of Bristol Bay. What could be better? 


And don't worry, our website is full of resources for those who might be less familiar with preparing and serving fish. You can assure them that they’re not alone, and we’ll include a few links and how-tos in the shipment.


Read up on our holiday shipping information here. Our Christmas holiday shipping closes on December 19th! 

This holiday season, we hope you’ll consider sharing our newest items. Find these under the “Seasonal” and “Gifts & Samplers” tabs on our site.

! This salmon caviar (or roe) is in-stock for a limited time each year, but it is one of our favorite items. Dress up any cheese plate or charcuterie board with the bright and beautiful eggs or dress your next seafood dish with a few blasts of flavor. 10/10 recommend! 
  • Halibut Bones! Okay, so these may be a gift for one of your more kitchen-adventurous friends, but if you’ve got a bone broth fan in your inner-circle, this is it. These large, collagen-rich bones make an excellent stock for sipping or for more elaborate soups and chowders. As a 2019 customer review says, “It makes truly fabulous stock, which makes excellent, hearty, comforting soup that warms your soul.” 
  • Our new dip & spread trio! Have a friend who is constantly hosting? Make their prep time easier with a $30 combo of cajun dip, smoked salmon spread and Holiday shrimp dip. 
  • Our seasoned-portion cedar planks! These beautiful packaged and ready-to-grill portions are an awesome and easy gift for a grill-happy friend or family member. They’re deliciously pre-seasoned and are just as beautiful raw as they are cooked. 
  • Gift Card! Leave the choice up to them. Our product is often rotating to maintain freshness and to please even our pickiest customers. This is also a great option if you are a little late to the game. Our holiday shipping closes on December 19th, but our Wild for Salmon gift cards can be e-delivered easily right up until Christmas. 
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