Your New Favorite Bowl: Salmon Style

Remember that mouth-watering bowl you scrolled past on instagram that one time? Maybe you were waiting for your oil change, thinking about the lunch you packed getting soggy in your bag? Then voila, now, there was an idea! Maybe it was a Buddha Bowl or a Poké Bowl, but either way, it was bright and full of vegetables and a good protein? The one that looked just the right amount of healthy, affordable and easy to prepare?

Yeah, we remember that too. Thankfully, we bookmarked some of our favorite versions and are excited to share them with you today!

Our friend Molly (aka @knottenoughsriracha has created some great ones that are healthy, quick to prepare, and highlight our smoked products. Now, these days we call a lot of good folks “friends” because, in the food world especially, social media continues to shrink the distance between communities, and we feel like we all know each other well. However! We really do know Molly and watched her grow up on Forks Farm, where we sold some of our very first Bristol Bay Wild Sockeye fillets. We love watching her expand her horizons in Philadelphia and bring good food inspirations to many on her instagram. Way to go, Molly!


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 knottenoughsriracha bowl smoked salmon

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l4og1ciz, title=YOUR NEW FAVORITE BOWL: SALMON STYLE ]]

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WFS albacore tuna poke bowl healthy
For another take on poké, try out our Albacore Tuna Poke recipe from Chef Josh featuring fresh avocado and jalapenos! 
Knottenoughsriracha bowl

This one is a leftover take on the same meal. Quinoa, avocado, cucumber, smoked fish--all chopped together and dressed with a tahini dressing. Molly vamped up this bowl for round two by making a new sauce, combining equal parts lemon, soy, and tahini.

Follow Molly on Instagram for more treats and maybe even some Wild for Salmon deals ;) Molly and her recipes are a perfect reminder that salmon doesn’t need to be scary or fancy! With a little creativity, salmon, especially our Wild Alaska Sockeye, can be integrated into your weekly emails so smoothly it feels like it’s always been there. Molly didn’t grow up on a boat or spend each summer on one, but she has been eating salmon for a good long while.

As she says herself in this post drooling over our burgers, “I think if I had to choose one source of protein for the rest of my life, it would have to be salmon.”


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