Wild Crab Avocado Toast

You’ve probably heard of the Avocado toast trend. It’s been around for a few years and still remains a staple in many health enthusiast’s kitchen as a quick, easy and healthy breakfast or afternoon snack. But can it be improved?

With wild-caught crab and a delicious Alaskan-grown recipe, we sure think so!

Avocados may not be native to Alaska, but beloved for their nutritious healthy fats, smooth texture and great color that can easily add to any meal.

We see our wild-caught crab as the same. At Wild for Salmon, we believe that wild-caught seafood is one of the most nutritious and top quality protein sources you can feed your family with. To us, wild Alaskan crab is a delicacy that we are fortunate enough to be able to ship right to your door.

Whether you’re enjoying the lean, delicate texture and sweet taste of Baridi snow crabs or the distinctly sweet, tender flaky white meat of a wild Alaskan dungeness crab, we feel it only natural to combine their low calorie/fat count and high protein content with the everyday item that has become a staple for so many recently.

Note: While Maya uses Alaska King Crab, we have tested it with our Alaska Dungeness Crab or Alaska Bairdi (aka snow) Crab and can confirm that it is as equally delicious! As WFS team member Elma put it: “Not that there are hardly ever crab leftovers, but [using wild-caught Dungeness or Bairdi in this recipe] is a great way to use them up if you somehow have a few lying around”.

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l4oemn0s, title=WILD CRAB AVOCADO TOAST ]]


    Not sure how to crack a crab shell and prepare the meat? Check out this video demonstration by cookbook author Maya Wilson and Alaska Seafood. Our wild-caught crab is pre-cooked before it is frozen for shipping so you’ll just need to defrost it to make this recipe. Quick & easy!

    Recipe courtesy of Maya Wilson, author of the “Alaska from Scratch” Cookbook
    Maya Wilson is an Alaska resident and author of The Alaska from Scratch Cookbook; here we feature her Alaska King Crab Avocado Toast. She has many accessible but authentic Alaska recipes on her blog. Her Alaska from Scratch book is full of beautiful and savory images that remind us of why Alaska calls us back each summer.

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