How to dress a Salmon Burger, Wild for Salmon Style

Wild for Salmon offers wild salmon burgers delivered and shipped straight to your door. Our wild sockeye salmon burgers are delicious all year round, but they pair particularly well with hot summer days, making them the star of the backyard BBQ. If you talk to any member of the Wild for Salmon team, you'll find that each person enjoys their burger a little bit differently. Although a grilled salmon burger served on a bun can be enjoyed alongside some fresh fries, the burgers present an opportunity to be creative. Some of these creations are reminiscent of our popular blog Alternative Uses for Salmon Burgers.

There is nothing wrong with the classic salmon burger on a bun, though. If you do choose to go the bun route, we recommend two salmon patties, some mayo and mustard instead of ketchup, and whatever veggies you can get your hands on! This will give you a hearty half-pound experience you aren't soon to forget! If you're interested in learning more about the straight-forward wild sockeye salmon burger, read to the end of the blog and check out “Jenn’s choice," her go-to salmon burger.




Wild for Salmon makes four varieties of wild-caught salmon burger in-house, each with its own style and #1 fan. There’s the Feta-Dill flavor, that customer and product-reviewer, Marie B. said even her “grandchildren can’t get enough of these”. There’s the Garden-Style, which dresses up the pure, wild caught sockeye salmon with sea salt, tomato, black pepper, garlic, minced onion, red bell pepper, shallots, thyme and basil. Then, there’s the Spicy variety for our friends and customers who appreciate a little kick, with fennel, paprika, sea salt, and cayenne pepper. Finally, there's the classic Sockeye Salmon Burger, for those who like to keep it plain, or the do-it-yourselfers who like to add their own flare on their burger, Each of these are $16 per pound; the original, nothing-but-delicious wild sockeye salmon are $15 per pound. 

We asked around our staff what toppings they like to put on salmon burgers. Some jumped on the chance to share. If you’re new to the Wild for Salmon customer family, welcome! We hope here you’ll get to know our team a bit better.

Remember, don’t overcook these! Just a few minutes on the grill, stove top or even toaster oven is all they need. Learn more about how to cook salmon burgers in this post, Cooking Wild Salmon Burgers


Kourtney, our office manager and farm-girl extraordinaire, never pairs a salmon burger with a bun, but always goes with the Spicy burger. She suggests enjoying it taco or nachos style. 

Taco Burger: Spicy burger with guacamole, pico de gallo, lettuce, and some refried beans/fried egg and/or sour cream all on a tortilla.

Nachos Style: Cook and crumble the salmon burger to lay this all over chips, like nachos! Then add your favorite toppings that you normally would.

Captain Steve, as you likely know by now, is a founder of Wild for Salmon, along with Jenn (see her choice below!). Steve enjoys salmon burgers the most when it warms up enough to cook outside.

Steve’s choice is...

Salmon for Breakfast: Steve’s go-to is a burger for breakfast: any variety of Wild for Salmon burger meets two fried eggs and capers, all in a well-loved cast iron skillet.

Nancy is our creative and go-getter Director of Sales and Marketing who approaches our salmon  creatively, serving up salmon burgers in all sorts of alternative dishes. She shared her recipe for Spicy Salmon tortellini, admittedly one of those great meals that comes together totally based off of what’s in your fridge.

Nancy’s choice is…

Spicy Salmon Tortellini: In our recipe-sharing, Wild for Salmon Buying Club facebook group, she writes, “A pack of spicy salmon burgers and some frozen tri-color tortellini formed the foundation for this simple one-dish meal. My husband loves alfredo sauce (an occasional treat because, you know, high fat and calories, but sooo good!) which served as a creamy element tying the chunks of spicy salmon, tortellini and frozen peas together. I topped it with extra Parmesan and a generous grating of fresh black pepper, and voila! Dinner is served.”

As you know by now, Josh’s choice is never bland and always a bit more creative than average. Josh is our in-house chef and production manager. Many of the recipes previously posted here are of Josh’s creation.

Josh’s choice is…

“A Mushroom Duxelle Spicy Salmon Burger:”  To start, he whips up mushroom duxelles, which is a mix of minced mushrooms sauteed with garlic, shallots and wine until it makes a paste. Mushroom duxelle makes a great kind of sauce for salmon burgers! After the paste is made, he layers on the Spicy Sockeye Salmon burger with mayo, gruyere cheese and thin sliced red onions. All served on a toasted brioche bun!

Co-Captain Jenn has a classic take on a salmon burger, topped lightly with veggies and mayo, but not too much in order for the wild Alaskan sockeye to remain the star of the show. Jenn’s choice is the Feta-Dill variety, but this would be delicious (and healthy!) with any of the other burgers sold at Wild for Salmon.

Jenn’s choice is...

“The Old Fashioned Burger:" Grilled feta dill burger with mayo, thinly sliced red onion and tomato with or without a roll.  

Whether you serve them on a bun, with some eggs, or mixed into pasta, our salmon burgers are sure to be the highlight of any dish. Make the most of your meals this summer - or any season - and get your hands on some wild Alaskan sockeye salmon burgers!
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