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Our house-made burgers are a top-seller here at Wild for Salmon. While a grilled salmon burger paired with some sweet potato fries is the perfect meal for many occasions, you may not be in the mood for that more than once a week. That being said, here at Wild for Salmon, we can enjoy wild sockeye salmon at least three times a week. So, we like to mix it up by using our salmon patties in different ways. The burgers are also great for making creative adaptations for dietary restrictions - like for our gluten-free folks out there! Read on below to get some inspiration for your next salmon burger recipe!

Burgers surrounded by tortillas, taco fillings, and salad stuff

How to Cook Salmon Burgers

Salmon burgers can easily overcook, so before you dig into these delicious recipes, check out these essential cooking tips. 

  • Thaw them in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Cook 2 minutes per side on a preheated and oiled pan or grill.
  • Or, preheat the oven using the broiler, then cook for two minutes about 4” from the heat source, flip once, and cook for two more minutes.
  • You’re going for a crispy outside and juicy interior. Your cooked salmon may appear slightly transparent or “raw”; that means it’s ready! 
  • Remember that fish will continue to cook for a minute or two once removed from the heat source.


Salmon burgers as tacos, or a salad

Our spicy burgers add the perfect amount of heat to any salmon dish. Made with fennel, paprika, sea salt, and cayenne pepper, these burgers are perfect for those that enjoy a little kick.

  • Fry one up and add it to your egg sandwich for breakfast!
  • Break it up into pieces and add it to your egg burrito with your favorite salsa!
  • Who loves the Vietnamese soup, Pho? Add a spicy burger in there and skip the beef!
  • Make some salmon tacos! Skip the beef and crumble up these spicy burgers with a little cumin and place it on a corn tortilla with shredded cabbage, cheese, beans, sour cream, or whatever else you love in your regular taco! You can also add any other seasoning, like Pennsylvania local Spices Inc’s taco seasoning!


Salmo burger on top of a green salad

Our garden burgers enhance the rich flavor of sockeye salmon using sea salt, tomato, black pepper, garlic, minced onion, red bell pepper, shallots, thyme, and basil.

  • Crumble these up and add them to a vegetable soup to take it up a notch!
  • Add some protein to your simple green salad, or rice bowl!
  • Break it up and try it on a pizza!


Our top selling feta-dill burgers are a fan favorite. They are so versatile since they are great on their own, but can add unique flavor to a variety of dishes.

  • Combine cooked and chilled Feta-Dill burger pieces in your antipasti salad to give it another depth of flavor.
  • Add some healthy protein to a Greek or Orzo pasta salad! Elma suggests: cooked couscous, olive oil, salt & pepper, chopped roasted almonds, chopped sundried tomatoes, chopped kalamata olives, a chopped dried Mediterranean fruit (like figs or apricots), feta cheese, and cooked feta-dill burger! 


Finally, you can't go wrong with some plain sockeye salmon. Our plain burgers are the best for those that want to channel their inner chef and add wild caught sockeye salmon to different meals. You can also try any of these recipes with our ready-to-go ground sockeye salmon.

  • Take your pasta to the next level and crumble up a sockeye salmon burger in your alfredo sauce.
  • Lightly flour or panko the burger for a little extra crunch.
  • Try these fancy sliders with goat cheese and sundried tomato!
  • You can easily make a traditional salmon loaf out of these!
  • Make it a gourmet version by adding crumbled goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil and an egg. Form back into a burger or loaf, bread lightly with panko and fry to a golden brown on each side.
  • Croquettes! Perfect to bring to a party; these are fun and unique.

Why not get your family the essential vitamins and nutrients that they need from one of these delicious burger options?

Let us know how you use your burgers. We will feature our favorites on social media this month so don’t forget to tag us @wildforsalmon!


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