#tbt to Fishtival - Save the Date, August 24th!

This month, the crew here at the WFS brick and mortar and Wild for Salmon office are busy planning one of our favorite days of the year: Fishtival!

Mark you calendars for August 24th from 9-3pm when we’ll welcome home Steve and the rest of the F/V Ava Jane crew, host other awesome local vendors, and throw a big party to close out the summer, right here in front of our Bloomsburg, PA store. So, this week on the recipes blog, we’re throwing it back and resharing some of our favorite Fishtival recipes from the past few years.

There was the year we made Salmon Mousse Canapés. This recipe is close to our Smoked Salmon Dip - just a bit lighter in texture and flavor yet still full of the star ingredient, Wild for Salmon’s Smoked Sockeye Salmon. Try it here.


Fishtival Slider

Then, there was the time Josh made Sockeye Salmon sliders. Josh’s famous sliders which put a special spin on salmon burgers and spice up any backyard picnic table; this recipe features sun-dried tomatoes and the feta-dill variety of sockeye salmon burgers. These were served with Asian-style coleslaw and creamy dill sauce -- don’t skip those amazing additions to this dish!

Finally, what’s grill season without some kabobs? We did those one year, too. Remember that Wild for Salmon has all sorts of seafood, including Alaska Weathervane Scallops. Kim Renz reviewed these this fall and shared that they are the, “Best scallops in the area. Great for several scampi dishes and on the grill in the summer!”

wild for salmon kebab scallop


Looking just for a simple salmon sauce? The Creamy Dill Sauce mentioned above can be found here - and its versatility might mean it becomes an integral part of your summer cooking. Put it on a grilled sockeye salmon fillet but save some for your rice, for your veggies, or whatever else you’re serving with it. It’s that good.

See you on August 24th!!

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