Salmon Salad in a Jar

Salad layered in jar


Jump on the meal prep bandwagon and see how great it feels to have things done for you when hunger strikes or when life gets busy. The secret to keeping it fresh comes in the layering, which is also how you make it look great (and let’s face it, we eat with our eyes before ever taking that first bite).

If salad is not your thing, it might be that you have not found the right salad dressing yet. I have a salad dressing that is a cinch to make and appeals to a wide audience. So, give this a try and eat your veggies with some Wild for Salmon Wild Salmon. 

radishes in jar

Back to the layering… salads don’t usually don’t hold up without the dressing separated, unless you purposefully layer the ingredients. You can’t have the salad dressing touch lettuce or anything that will wilt or become soggy until just before you eat it, so keep reading and I will share my method.

The other thing that I like about this recipe is that it makes use of leftover salmon. Some people don’t like leftovers but when they are completely reimagined into a new dish, they are no longer leftovers. You can certainly cook some salmon specifically for your Salad Jars. Use whatever ingredients are fresh in your salad and play with different combinations. In addition to some form of greens and protein, I switch up my salad dressing and sometimes pair nuts with fruit instead of other veggies and pepita seeds. Don’t be afraid to try some dried fruit in it too - oranges and craisins pair wonderfully with salmon. 

Salad on fork


Start with a quart size mason jar. The height of a mason jar is important, so a quart size bowl container will not do the job. First, add anything that is non-absorbent to the bottom. In this case, I went with radish slices and whole cherry tomatoes. Even though I prefer halved cherry tomatoes, I leave them whole so that they have a barrier so they hold up better against the salad dressing. Orange segments, carrots, cucumber, onions and bean sprouts are a few other ingredients that work well in the base layer. 

With your base layer is in place, add your salad dressing. You could also do this before adding your base layer - the key is to have enough of the base layer so that it is below the tide of salad dressing. Flake pre-cooked Pride of Bristol Bay Wild Salmon into bite size pieces for the layer above your base layer. Then, you can layer in your remaining ingredients. Keep the most delicate or wiltable (is that even a word?) ingredients on the top most layer. Pop it in the fridge and it will be waiting for you, making it convenient to eat healthy.

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