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How Seafood Protects Your Heart: Two Recipes

Why does seafood protect your heart? During this 57th American Heart Month, there’s lots of talk about how to eat we...

White Fish is Healthy Too

You often hear us raving about Wild Alaska Salmon and its long-list of health benefits, but it’s not the only one of ...

What Sets Sockeye Salmon Apart from the Rest

Deckhand Logan holds a sockeye salmon aboard the F/V Ava Jane in Bristol Bay, Alaska.  What are the health benefits...

New Year: Same Diet?

Happy End to Holiday Season! You made it through -- the extra cooking, the long-stretches of family time, the excessi...

Sockeye Salmon's Wide Variety of Health Benefits

The following benefits combine to make wild Alaskan sockeye salmon the natural choice for any health conscious eater...

Omega-3s and Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon

Few single foods can bring as many health contributions to your diet in significant quantities as wild Alaskan salmo...
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