Sockeye Salmon's Wide Variety of Health Benefits

The following benefits combine to make wild Alaskan sockeye salmon the natural choice for any health conscious eater:

- Omega 3 fatty acids
- High Quality Protein
- Essential Amino Acids
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin D
- Vitamin B6
- Vitamin B
- Vitamin E
- Appreciable amounts of calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus


“Only one food has the reputation from time immemorial of being a “brain food”. That food is fish… you should plan to eat a seafood meal seven days a week — and salmon at least five times a week.”
– Nicholas Perricone, M.D., “The Perricone Prescription”

      Most of the Prevalent Information on Sockeye Salmon is about Omega-3.  But let's take a moment to discuss Vitamin E.

      Salmon is also a good source of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants, which also include Vitamin C and beta carotene, act at the molecular level to deactivate free radicals. Free radicals can damage basic genetic material, and cell walls and structures, to eventually lead to cancer and heart disease. Vitamin E lowers the risk of heart disease by preventing the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDLs), thus reducing the buildup of plaque in coronary arteries. Other research has found that Vitamin E plays a protective role against cancer and the formation of cataracts, and may possibly boost the immune system in the elderly.

      Vitamin E:

      - Powerful antioxidant
      - Lowers the risk of heart disease
      - Prevents the oxidation of low-density lipoproteins
      - Reduces the buildup of plaque in coronary arteries


          Fish Nutrient Values:

          Trying to keep track of your caloric intake, or just interested in the nutritional content of your seafood meals?  Find out number of calories, grams of protein, fat, and other nutritional values for all the Alaska seafood we carry by clicking HERE.


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