Staying on Track for your Health this Holiday Season

The holidays are commonly full of indulgences. This time of year is spent with loved ones, celebrations, maybe even gifts. While filled with joy, the holiday season is usually accompanied by disruptions in routine and, for some, those healthy habits we’ve been developing with intention. Just as we were hitting our stride with meal prep following a hectic summer, the holidays are here!

Wild for Salmon has some helpful tips on how to remain on track during this busy holiday season. For us, it’s important to maintain good taste and quality; don’t worry, we’re confident that can go hand in hand with eating well for your health. Read on for some festive holiday ideas that just might even taste better than your grandmother’s classic…

But, first, we’ll share our conversation with friend, former Bristol Bay fisherman, and nutrition & athlete development coach, Elijah Christie of Evergreen Strength:

evergreen strength wild for salmon
Elijah’s advice for keeping up with a healthy diet? Well, besides incorporating salmon...he says:   
Preparation is everything! Making meal time a priority instead of a chore is vital. Having a weekly grocery shopping routine, experimenting in the kitchen with cooking and different recipes, involving others like family and friends to participate--all of this helps to cultivate a healthy relationship with food! Also, giving yourself permission to enjoy and indulge is important. Guilt leads to bigger problems. When we are eating healthy whole foods regularly, we can also enjoy meals out, desserts, drinks etc…”
Read all of Elijah’s tips here.

Second, here are some ideas of how to incorporate healthy meals into your menus this November and December. These are festive, but healthy, seafood-forward recipes that would be a great alternative to the traditions that may not be serving your hard-earned healthy habits.

tuna recipe from wfs
Recipes from our 2017 Holiday Tasting

These are from last year’s holiday tasting-- keep your eyes our next month for our recipes from this year’s!



Scallops recipe wild for salmon


Scallops Ikura Ginger Lime Sauce

Ikura is the decadent cured eggs of salmon; this scallop & Ikura recipe is perfect for folks eating Keto! It calls for butter and ikura provides healthy fats.


nova recipe from wild for salmon

Nova Cucumber Sliders

This starter is decadent and pretty plus a perfect option for a Whole 30 appetizer.

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