Healthy Doggos, Happy Doggos: A Good Diet for Your Pets

At Wild for Salmon, we strive to have a little something for everyone!

When we started our business 14 years ago, our only product was sockeye salmon. As our lifestyle evolved and our family grew, we incorporated more products to meet more people’s needs, like our Wild Salmon Burgers for those who prefer a quick and easy option. As our facility grew, we added freezer space and committed to putting more emphasis on sustainability. Today, we are even able to provide options for your pets!

Here, we’ll feature the pet options of what we have and how they might fit into your lifestyle depending on how you feed and take care of your pets, primarily your dogs. This is our Health Benefits blog, it’s true. But, hey! Pets need healthy lifestyles as well. Scroll through to our Pet Products section, and you’ll notice that we have three products meant exclusively for your favorite companions.

All of our Pet Products are made from the same base ingredient you’re familiar with: Wild Alaska Salmon. In an effort to be as sustainable as possible, we put to use the parts of the fish that don’t make the final cut for our other products, like the trimmings from our salmon burgers or portions and some of the bone-in product that most of our human customers would rather skip. All the health benefits you consider for your family can also be considered for your pets. 

Our classic Dog Treats, in a fun fish-shape, are made with our salmon, oat & garbanzo flour, pumpkin and water by our friends at Kathy’s Pet Treats--right down the road in Bloomsburg! That's all! No crazy, hard-to-read ingredients. 


The Smoked Salmon Skins are smoked as more of chew-toy style treat and prepared in West Chester, PA. Many of our salmon products are sold skin-on. However, this treat allows us to put to use the skins we do remove for a few of our value-added products like the burgers, dips and spreads. Fish skin is particularly beneficial to pets' coats as it is high in oil. 

Additionally, the Pet Roll is popular! It’s a 1lb tube-style package with blended salmon meat, skin, and bones. We’ve heard from customers who feed this product to their pets raw, as part of a raw diet focused on foods dogs ate before human domestication as well as customers who cook it before treating (or is it spoiling?) their beloved pets.

We’ll skip weighing in on how you do it, but in our research, we found that if you decide to feed your pets an exclusively raw diet, it is recommended to include fish.

Our customer, Lois, reports back that she gently cooks up a scoop of this salmon product Pet Roll to broth with carrot and a hard-boiled egg. Lois rated this product with five stars on our site and says, “The vet has commented on [her pet’s] coat during exams.”

Do you feed your pets a raw food diet? If so, do you include fish? Have you tried our treats yet? What do your cute pets think?

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