2lb Pacific Northwest Albacore Tuna Medallions


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Northwest Albacore Tuna Medallions

Our wild caught albacore tuna is caught in oregon and is a high quality, sashimi grade tuna. Albacore is a mild and very delicate species of tuna that becomes firm once cooked. Our tuna medallions are 1” thick piece is skinless and boneless. Albacore tuna is packed full of protein and selenium and is also a great heart healthy source of omega-3’s.

How to cook albacore tuna medallions

Our Tuna medallions can be enjoyed raw but can also be cooked. We recommend marinating briefly then cooking at a high heat by searing. The tuna should still be slightly pink inside to preserve moisture, texture and flavor. Tuna medallions should only take a few minutes to cook. To view tuna recipes and cooking instructions visit our blog here.

Sustainably Harvested, Wild Caught and Processed in the USA (Oregon)

Nutrition Information
Serving Size 3.5 oz (99g)
Amount Per Serving 
Calories 172
Protein 25.2g 
Fat 7.5g
Saturated Fat 1.9g
Cholesterol 38mg 
Sodium 51mg 
Total Omega-3s 2.1g 

*Raw, 3.5 oz. (99g) | Source: Bornstein Seafoods


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