Fisherman's Favorites Seafood Box - 5lbs, 12 Meals


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The Fisherman’s Favorites Seafood Box is about getting a little bit of everything--impress your friends with four seafood species, each a little different from the next but with the same superior quality and taste. All of these products speak to the fresh meals of summer and can be quickly and easily prepared on the grill. With a few sockeye portions, you’ll have enough to try a few recipes and feed a dinner party. The tuna medallions step it up a notch and are an awesome choice for feeding someone special. The cod and burgers will help you to kick-off summer.

This box includes:  2.5lb of Sockeye Salmon Portions (6, 6oz portions) ,1lb Albacore Tuna Medallions (2, 8oz packages),1lb Pacific Cod (2, 8oz portions), 1 pack Feta Dill Burgers (2, 4oz patties) and a Spices Inc. Seasoning Packet.

The Smokey Citrus Salt seasoning from Spices Inc, another local Pennsylvania company, goes well with each of these products, particularly the more mild Pacific Cod.

The Fisherman’s Favorites Seafood Box contains 12 meals worth of sockeye salmon portions, tuna medallions, pacific cod, and feta dill burgers, all packaged for quality and priced at under $9.25/meal. The sockeye portions display the pristine waters of Alaska in its deep red flesh. You’ll get two Feta Dill burgers in this box. The tuna, cut into medallions for this box, is harvested from the abundant stock off the Oregon coast and perfectly portioned. The pacific cod is mild and delicate but with a thick enough cut to feed some hungry people.

Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon Portions
Sustainably Harvested & Wild Caught in Bristol Bay, AK
Processed in the USA
Rich Flavor & Firm Texture
Skin On, Boneless
Fat – 6g, 4oz
Protein – 24g, 4oz 
6oz packages

Tuna Medallions
Sustainably Harvested & Wild Caught in Oregon
Processed in the USA
Mild taste, Delicate texture
Avg. 8oz packages

Pacific Cod
Sustainably Harvested & Wild Caught in Alaska
Processed in the USA
Sweet, mild texture
Firm, moist texture
Boneless, skinless
8oz packages

Feta Dill Burger
Sustainably Harvested & Wild Caught in Bristol Bay, AK
Processed in the USA
Rich Flavor, Firm Texture
4oz patties, 2 per pack
Fat – 6g, 4oz
Ingredients: Wild Alaska sockeye salmon, raw cow feta cheese, dill, sea salt, and black pepper  


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