Wild Pacific Cod Stew

Last month, we offered 10% off our Pacific Cod, and we were excited that so many of you took advantage of this sale. We are reassured knowing we have customers jazzed about incorporating this healthy and versatile white fish into weekly meals.

We wanted to pass along a few recipes specific to this popular and versatile seafood, hoping that they will inspire you to pull some out of the freezer for later this evening or tomorrow.

If the sun is shining and spring’s brightness is influencing your pallet, try this recipe from our friends at Kimberton Whole Foods: Bacon-wrapped Cod with Cara Cara Orange Salad.

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l4o7xa6b, title=WILD PACIFIC COD STEW ]]


Wild for Salmon Spring 19 Tasting Recipes To try our other recipes from this tasting, check out the Broiled Salmon with Oyster Mushrooms here and the Pacific Cod Piccata here


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