Miso Black Cod

When you say Miso, I say Black Cod.

Miso! Black Cod!

Miso! Black Cod!

Whew...sometimes we just can’t contain our enthusiasm for sharing wild, sustainable seafood with families across the country. We are excited to share a recipe for Black Cod, a decadent white fish packed with Omega-3s. If you don’t already have miso on your regular shopping list, this recipe might change your mind. Adding this umami flavor to your palette, and shopping list, will be totally worth it, and it just might change how you cook your go-to simple seafood. You could also use some of Wild for Salmon’s other products with this recipe, like sockeye salmon or tuna steaks.

Plated miso cod

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l4o88h5s, title=MISO BLACK COD ]]


Like the sounds of this, but need to mix up the texture? If you need a bit of crunch in each bite, try this Fried Black Cod with Miso Tartare - lots of the same pallet, just a bit more indulgent, perhaps. This one is from celebrated Seattle restaurant, Adana, by chef-owner Shota Nakajima. They recommend using the extra batter to make onion rings – make it fish and chips!

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