Easy Kids White Fish Quesadilla Recipe

Now that the school year is in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about after school snacks for kids! The best snacks are quick to make and a tasty treat you can count on the kids enjoying. And while pre-packaged snacks are undoubtedly “easy”, we here at Wild For Salmon see this time of the day as an opportunity to connect our kids to the food they eat. And these White Fish Quesadillas are the perfect way to do just that!

Quesadillas are a popular choice when it comes to making a quick snack for kids. Easy to make and full of filling options, after school snacks have never been so simple while allowing for so much creativity at the same time. From protein to veggies and all sorts of sauces, there are endless options when it comes to deciding what to fill your quesadilla with.

For this recipe, we add in wild-caught white fish for a light, lean protein (and also allows for food sourcing education!) and sweet corn to give it a healthy pop of flavor and fiber. Have the kids chip in by making a five-ingredient fresh salsa for dipping and they’ll be content until dinnertime!

But first - are quesadillas healthy?

When thinking about a classic cheese quesadilla, they don’t quite sell themselves as a plate full of nutritional sustenance. Even mixing in store-bought chicken isn’t necessarily the best way to help your kids fuel up for an evening of math homework or sports practice. But here’s where we switch our tune: with the right ingredients, we believe your homemade quesadillas can actually offer a surprising amount of health benefits!

While using homemade tortillas in lieu of corn or flour tortillas and low-fat cheese may help limit some of the unhealthy fats in your family’s after school snacks, you’ll make the biggest difference by eliminating processed meats. Skip the chicken quesadilla and opt for a leaner protein source like wild-caught seafood. As mentioned earlier, we choose to use a white fish like pollock, cod or halibut!

Fish in general is known as a great source of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and nutrients like iron. With wild-caught fish specifically, you not only know where your food comes from, but you also know what exactly your food contains. All of our wild-caught seafood products are sourced from fishermen devoted to sustainable fishing practices. This means zero additives or preservatives are involved in that fish’s journey, from our boat to your table - just clean, nutrient-rich fish!

Adding a protein like this alongside an easy, flavorful vegetable like corn is a great way to turn a once carb-loaded dish into a healthy kid snack!

What is white fish exactly?

White fish is a blanket term used to describe just that - any fish whose flesh is white in color. Pollock, halibut, rockfish and all types of cod are examples of white fish. These lean proteins like these vary from texture and flavor, some being more or less mild and others having a delicate or firm feel to them. Regardless of how they taste and feel, their nutritional value is miles ahead of store-bought, processed meats like chicken, pork, and beef.

So, how do you make a white fish quesadilla?

With a wild-caught seafood source and just 20 minutes of after-school free time!

The first thing you’ll need to do is ensure you have someone responsible for cooking the white fish. Whether it’s an adult present or an older sibling who is officially old enough to operate the oven, the hardest part is over once you get the white fish baking. This is a great time to educate the kiddos on the importance of knowing where your food comes from and how each food we eat nourishes us in different ways!

Once the white fish is cooked, you’ll simply assemble your ingredients between two tortillas in a frying pan and flip until your cheese is perfectly melted and both your top and bottom tortillas have an ideal golden brown color to them.

Want to mix it up a bit? Have the kids join in and make a fresh salsa for dipping while their quesadilla cooks! With only five ingredients, this kid friendly dip takes less than five minutes to make and is an easy way to get them excited about contributing to their healthy after school snack. Kids will love pairing this salsa with their favorite guacamole or sour cream dip for an ultimate trio of dipping fun!

When it comes to easy, healthy snacks, this White Fish Quesadilla is a winner!

Chef Notes

This is a quick favorite meal or snack for anyone at any age, and easy enough to have the kids get involved in making their own food and interested in new things. This recipe can be alternated to any family favorites or even leftovers that are in the fridge from the night before.


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Nicole is the in-house Chef at Wild For Salmon as well as a Recipe Developer and Food Photographer from Allentown, Pennsylvania with an Associate degree from The Culinary Institute of America. Her first memories are of planting seeds with her father and grandfather in their elaborate gardens and sharing their abundant harvests with friends and neighbors. The spark of both pride and joy she felt when sharing this food with others and seeing the happiness it brought them was what inspired her to pursue the culinary arts from a young age. Nicole has spent time exploring the Hudson Valley and Philadelphia food scenes, but her current home in the rolling hills of Central PA is where she most enjoys combining her two passions; exploring the outdoors, and good food.

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