Sweet and Spicy Salmon

Ingredients for Jalapeño Jelly


This sweet and spicy salmon recipe comes together with co-stars, Jalapeno Jelly and Pickled Onion. Even though pepper jelly is readily available at my local stores, we had a bumper crop of jalapenos this summer, so we made our own jalapeno jelly which comes together quickly if you have a food processor. If you like a little extra heat, you can increase the jalapeño count and decrease the bell peppers by the same volume.

Two bowls of the finished recipe

This dish calls for some acid to balance it out, the Pickled Onion garnish provides that plus a crunch. You will find that the pickled onions are also great on sandwiches, burgers, tacos and more. Plus, the color makes everything look good too. But, if pickled onions aren’t your thing, a squeeze of lemon or lime will provide the acid this dish needs.

Wondering which wine to pair with this dish? Sommelier, Paul Bologna of The Edge Steakhouse inside the Ritz Carlton in Rancho Mirage, California selected a dry Reisling with the perception of sweet, like those from Washington State or the Clare Valley wine region of Australia to pair with this dish. He explained that his wine selection will provide “contrast to foil the spiciness of the jalapeños.”

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