Spicy Salmon Tower

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Raise your hand if you are a fan of meal prep. Oh, and those of you who want a use for leftover salmon, you can stick around too. Wild salmon comes in a variety of sizes, so I will grab the largest one that came in my box so that we have extra when I want to make this dish later in the week. It involves cooked salmon, but since the Wild for Salmon sockeye salmon is sushi quality, you could also use raw salmon like you would in a poke bowl.

I am a huge fan of bowls - you know, buddha bowls, grain bowls, whatever you want to call them. But sometimes, I switch it up and make the same thing which just looks fancy. Presentation is half the game because we often eat with our eyes before the food hits our palette. Therefore, these towers of layers stacked on top of each other help in that arena. This dish looks so impressive that nobody other than you and I will know that it comes together so fast, and that is why I serve it as a weeknight meal after a busy day. This would also be a great shared plate for gusts with nori sheets!

[[ recipeID=recipe-8lrjnb13z, title=Spicy Salmon Stack ]]

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Nancy Ingersoll is a recipe developer and food photographer in San Diego, California. Always up for adventure, she learned the art of sauces and soufflés from one of James Beard Award winner Roy’s Yamaguchi’s executive chefs, and her curious spirit has been fed with cooking classes domestically and abroad. Nancy is also known as The Creative Resource and you can find her work on nancyingersoll.com and on instagram as @thecreativeresource.

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