Sweet and Savory Salmon Bites

the bites from areal view
Close up on a sweet and savory salmon bite

Hors d’oeuvres are just an excuse for adults to each like children. Remember how much fun it was eating with a toothpick when you were a kid? There is no need to wait for a proper cocktail party before making this dish. The toothpicks and maple glaze make this dish one that littles like to eat, while the elevated ingredients keep it classy enough to serve on a silver platter for your fanciest guests. This dish is easily half-able, so that you can serve it for a small gathering and use the other half of the fillet for another day.

Quality ingredients make a huge difference here. Real maple syrup has a tang that keeps this dish from being too sickeningly sweet, and Wild for Salmon's wild salmon has a more meaty texture that holds up better than farm raised salmon. If any of your guests are not pork eaters, you can omit the bacon, but it might warrant a dash of salt over top before serving.

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Nancy with a fork and spoon

Nancy Ingersoll is a recipe developer and food photographer in San Diego, California. Always up for adventure, she learned the art of sauces and soufflés from one of James Beard Award winner Roy’s Yamaguchi’s executive chefs, and her curious spirit has been fed with cooking classes domestically and abroad. Nancy is also known as The Creative Resource and you can find her work on nancyingersoll.com and on instagram as @thecreativeresource.

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