Soup Season!

Fish Bone (not Stone!) Soups


Hey there! How’s winter treating you? Do you live in the polar vortex zone? Is there a chill in the air? A scratch in your throat? Is your trashcan full of tissues?

First of all, our condolences. This is a tough time of year for many, and the harsh weather spreading across the U.S. isn’t doing any of us any favors. Studies show that January & February are the least popular months of the year...bummer. Self-care, good eating, and listening to your body are great ways to combat these winter blues.


Did you hear that?


What’s that now?



That’s right...your body is screaming for soup. Tis the season after all! You’re almost there...curled up on the couch, steaming bowl in hand, slurping away, trying to hear Netflix’s new favorite binge show over the neighboring slurping and sniffles of your kids or partner.

Let’s get you one step closer. Fish & soup are a much better match than most people suspect.

 We recommend sprucing up your trendy bone-broth routine for a fish-based broth, using Wild for Salmon’s Halibut Stock Bones. Part of our sustainability model is using the whole fish, and these bones are just meant to be slowly stewed, cozied up next to spices and veggies, in your beautiful dutch oven for a few hours in order to soothe your head cold. This halibut stock recipe from Wild for Salmon is a perfect base for chowders or a seafood Pho (see below). Or just strain & drink it. Wilt some hearty greens in it if drinking just a simple broth isn’t your thing. 

Our office manager, Kourtney, recently made one of these broths with “just carrots, celery, and onions browned in butter--steamed the bones on top for 10 then covered with water, added a little salt and simmered for 45 minutes.” As she puts it, “The stock was bombbbb!”  

Or, our friend Emma Frisch, owner of New York state’s best glamping spot, Firelight Camps, and author of Feast by Firelight, collaborated with Chef Rob Kinnean back in 2014 to make a Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Pho. If lime wedges and bean sprouts speak to your heart like they do mine, this is your 2019 soup savior. You can use the halibut stock as your base and cook in some sockeye salmon portions or pieces from fillets.   

Wild for Salmon Emma Frisch pho


(PS: Did you hear that we are Wildly Devoted?)

Alas, the moral of the story when it comes to fish soup is that it’s totally worth it! Maybe it’s something new for you, but -- trust us -- your mind, body, and soul will thank you later for deciding to nourish yourself with such wild abundance.

Get some sleep & feel better. Spring is coming -- so says the groundhog.

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