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Blackened Fillet with Lime

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l519cjli, title=BLACKENED FILLET WITH LIME ]]

Blackened Sockeye salmon Fillet with Lime Recipe


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    Blackening rub is a versatile and delicious blend to spice up any meat of choice: pork, chicken, beef and of course: salmon! Apply this tasty concoction liberally then let your salmon rest for five minutes. Cook in a pan, with a plank, or straight on the grill for the ultimate blackening effect!

    Servings: 1 fillet


    • Prep Time: 5 mins
    • Cook Time: 12 mins
    • Total Time: 17 mins




    Blackened Seasoning (makes 3/4C)

    • 2 TBSP Paprika
    • 1 TBSP brown sugar
    • 1 TBSP Oregano
    • 1 TBSP thyme
    • 1-2 tsp Cayenne
    • 1 tsp onion powder
    • 1 tsp black pepper
    • 1 tsp garlic powder
    • 1 tsp fennel seed, gently crushed
    • 1 tsp salt

    Salmon Fillet


    1. Pre heat grill to medium high heat, or oven to broil
    2. Blend blackening seasoning in a small bowl
    3. Thaw and pat dry salmon fillet, liberally apply seasoning blend. Let sit for five minutes
    4. If using a grill, start salmon skin-side up then flip halfway through. If using a plank or the broiler, let salmon sit skin-side down without flipping.
    5. Cook fillet 8-12 minutes or until it begins to flake at the edges but is still pink in the middle