New Year, Same Health Benefits of Sockeye Salmon

Happy New Year! You are perfect just the way you are! :) Wild for Salmon is not here to set or dictate your 2020 health goals. However, we have a variety of healthy, wild and sustainable seafood meal boxes available to support a good diet, a lively dinner table, and the joy of satisfying an appetite guilt-free. If any of those things are on your list of 2020 resolutions, let us help! 

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon is one of our most popular items here at Wild for Salmon. It’s the product we founded our business on, and the most common on our staff’s own dinner tables. Because wild sockeye is full of protein, iron, selenium, Vitamins A, B, D, and Omega-3s, it’s also, thankfully, one of the healthiest options out there. 

Let’s talk about Vitamin D; despite being past solstice, the days are still pretty darn short and dark. Humans receive a lot of our Vitamin D from exposure to the sun, as few foods naturally contain this nutrient. Wild sockeye salmon is an exception! Vitamin D levels are high in wild sockeye salmon, which is a great thing because this vitamin serves nerve, muscle and immune system functioning while also helping to build healthy and strong bones.

Our seafood meal boxes ship free in our three-day ground area this month! Try the Fisherman's Favorites Box for sockeye salmon portions and sockeye feta-dill burgers as well as tuna medallions and pacific cod. The Family Seafood Box is also full of sockeye and also shrimp and scallops. 

If you are particularly looking to support your bones and their health this winter, consider our Skin On/Bone In Alaska Sockeye Salmon Cans. The bones in this product are pressure-cooked thus essentially go unnoticed in most recipes. Your bones will notice that boost of extra calcium though! 

Learn more about the long list of benefits of wild Alaska seafood with this infographic compiled by Alaska Seafood. #askforalaska 

Part of the reason wild sockeye is so healthy is because it is just that: wild. As explained here and in previous blogs: at Wild for Salmon, we trust Mother Nature to build our food for us. Our wild sockeye salmon is not only sustainable as per Alaska’s Fish & Game regulations, but we are also able to offer a completely natural product, unmanipulated by humans and chemicals or synthetic additions to the meat. Wild salmon is also a leaner fish than farmed, having spent its life spanning miles in the ocean. All that movement created a lean protein that’s a good source of healthy fat and low in saturated fat. 

Maybe your resolutions had little to do with diet and exercise and more about spending your dollars in meaningful ways. Wild for Salmon is a small, family-run business that donates 1% of sales back to protect salmon habitat

At Wild for Salmon, we are concerned with making your seafood experience transparent, easy, and delicious. You shop around our product page, fill your cart, and then we ship it right to your door with dry ice so that it arrives just as it left our freezer. We keep our recipes section updated and fresh. In 2020, we want to help empower you to cook memorable meals in your own kitchen. For more in-depth recipe ideas and support, you are invited to follow along with our salmon expects as they prepare recipes on our YouTube channel...our small-business, salmon-loving, Alaska-to-Pennsylvania-home-kitchen version of America’s Test Kitchen or your Bon Appétit favorites. For further questions or support, feel free to call us, email us, or message us with your question. We are back in the office and welcoming 2020 with gusto and pride in what we do, and what we eat.

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