The Five Wild Alaskan Salmon Species

We are WILD about salmon! We love all 5 species of wild Alaskan salmon for their amazing taste, incredible nutrition, and inspiring story. Wild for Salmon sells all five species of wild-caught salmon: king, sockeye, coho, keta, pink. Each one offers its own favors, textures, and levels of nutrients making it possible for just about everyone to find a variety that they love to eat. 

We've put together this simple chart to help you decide which types of salmon you should try to find the right one for you. There is so much information we could share with you about these salmons but if you have additional questions not answered in this blog or in our other blogs, don't hesitate to reach out! We're available by phone 570-387-0550 or email

Here are some things to note about the information and photos below;

  •  The cuts of salmon pictured are all center cuts but you will receive a variety of collars, center cuts, and tails if you order portions of any salmon species. 
  • Sockeye and Keta salmon are available in fillets or portions. A fillet is a whole side of salmon, which averages 1.5lbs each. Portions are cut from a whole fillet. 
  • The color of each salmon portion within a species can vary due to their individual diet. We do not use any artificial colors or additives so natural variations should be expected. 
  • We have the pin bones mechanically removed from the sockeye and keta salmon portions and fillets that we offer. Because they are mechanically removed we have a 98% success rate but there is still a chance you may find a stray bone. The other species we offer, King, Coho, and Pink contain all naturally occurring bones. 
  • All salmon species are known for their high levels of omega-3 fatty acids but we've highlighted those with the highest levels in the chart for your convenience. 
  • Many species have nicknames you may have heard before! Sockeye=Red Salmon, Keta=Chum Salmon, Silver= Coho Salmon. These are the same species, but you will find the names listed on this chart on our products. 


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