An Earth Day Legacy

Last year on Earth Day, we focused on the waters we grew up in and around. Partnering with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, we donated 10% percent of each purchase in May back to their amazing organization that is committed to Save the Bay! Although we don’t fish, or source our fish, in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, we want desperately to see it recover and succeed. That organization has made significant strides for the rivers that flow all the way to our backyard in central PA, but ultimately these efforts are reactionary to the destruction once faced by the watershed. We have an opportunity today to be proactive in protecting another precious watershed, Bristol Bay, Alaska.

Since last April 22nd, we have bolstered our commitment to environmental practices and sustainability, declaring our Wild Devotion to clean water with the Wildly Devoted program, in which our sister companies Wild for Salmon and Pride of Bristol Bay both donate 1% of all sales to save salmon.

Bristol Bay net scene

This Earth Day, we have no other choice than to focus on the watershed that fuels our business, brings you wild sockeye salmon unconditionally, and is at-risk of losing a productive landscape to greedy, short-term mining profits. We are witnessing a critical time for one of the world’s most at-risk watersheds and the one that we call home each summer. We don’t want to ever tell Ava and Tommy that we witnessed “the good old days” and didn’t save any for them. We have fished historic years in Bristol Bay; last year broke records of the number of salmon returning to the river, which speaks to the strong sustainability practices we’ve been working under since we first went up to Naknek in 2002.  We have worked hard to tell honest and epic stories to our customers on the east coast and in the lower 48 in order to share our appreciation for this place with the folks that nourish themselves with its bounty.

cookinletkeeper pebble rally

Photo by Cook Inlet Keeper

Please, please join us. Collectively, the Bristol Bay community including fishermen, nonprofits, conservation organizations, filmmakers, tribal members and consumers, have a goal of submitting 1.2 million comments condemning the lack of science in the Draft EIS to the Army Corps of Engineers. The comment period is only open until May 30
th. Please do your part. It will take about 30 seconds of your time but can make the difference of a lifetime. Pebble is the wrong mine in the wrong place. If you’re ready to go the extra mile, host a Wildly Devoted dinner and ask your friends to submit comments. Then call your representatives.

Happy Earth Day! Thank you for valuing your seafood providers and the earth from which they harvest.  

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