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Brown Gulf Shrimp 16/20
Brown Gulf Shrimp
Wild Caught Brown Gulf Shrimp
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Brown Gulf Shrimp

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Wild Caught Brown Gulf Shrimp

Our wild caught gulf shrimp are from the Louisiana Gulf. The shrimp have a diet high in iodine giving a rich flavor and brown color. The 16/20 shrimp are one of our larger sizes and are great for shrimp cocktail. Our 26/30 are the mid-size shrimp and offer a variety of cooking and recipe options. The brown gulf shrimp ship in the shell on which adds flavor during cooking process.

How to cook brown gulf shrimp

Our wild caught shrimp will be frozen in the shell, you can chose to cook the shrimp with the shell or peel the shrimp before cooking. Shrimp comes individually frozen in 1lb resealable bags. Gulf shrimp can be cooked by sautéing, searing, grilling or broiling.

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