Alaska Coho Salmon Portions
Wild Alaskan Coho Salmon
Alaska Coho Salmon Portions
Wild Alaskan Coho Salmon

Alaska Coho Salmon Portions


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Wild Caught Coho Portions

Our Wild Caught Coho Salmon portions are packaged individually with 8 oz servings. They are each flash frozen and vacuumed packaged. Coho salmon has a mild flavor, and firm texture. Coho is a great mild salmon choice for seafood lovers who aren’t as keen on the more intense, richer flavors of some salmon. Portions are cut from the whole fillet; each shipment will contain a variety of collar, center and tail pieces. Due to the small-batch nature of our Coho processing facility, portions come skin-on and bone-in.

2 LB Box of Coho Salmon Portions =  3-5 Portions
10 LB Box of Coho Salmon Portions = 18-21 Portions

How to cook Coho Salmon Portions

Coho portions can be enjoyed by cooking numerous ways, you can chose to thaw your coho or simply cook frozen. Coho Salmon can be cooked by grilling, broiling, sauteing, roasting, poaching, steaming or smoking. For recipe ideas, and more cooking instructions - visit our Wild for Salmon blog here.

Troll caught, pressure bled, then hand cut and processed, these fish are probably the highest quality salmon on the market. Troll fishing — not to be confused with trawling — involves towing individual anchored lines from a slow-moving boat. Trolling is sustainable because unwanted catch is minimal and can be quickly released.

Sustainably Harvested & Wild Caught in Bristol Bay, AK & Processed in the USA


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