Halibut Meatballs with Sweet and Sour Sauce

A bite-sized take on your favorite white fish, these Sweet and Sour meatballs are refreshing and filling with classic flavors of soy, ginger, sesame and garlic. Perfect for a simple dinner or as an appetizer that'll pleasantly surprise even the hungriest of guests!


[[ recipeID=recipe-8lah0426a, title=Halibut Meatballs with Sweet & Sour Sauce ]]



Nicole is the in-house Chef at Wild For Salmon as well as a Recipe Developer and Food Photographer from Allentown, Pennsylvania with an Associate degree from The Culinary Institute of America. Her first memories are of planting seeds with her father and grandfather in their elaborate gardens and sharing their abundant harvests with friends and neighbors. The spark of both pride and joy she felt when sharing this food with others and seeing the happiness it brought them was what inspired her to pursue the culinary arts from a young age. Nicole has spent time exploring the Hudson Valley and Philadelphia food scenes, but her current home in the rolling hills of Central PA is where she most enjoys combining her two passions; exploring the outdoors, and good food.

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