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Captain Steve's Smoked Salmon Recipe

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l3kkuw04, title=CAPTAIN STEVE'S SMOKED SALMON RECIPE ]]

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      • Prep Time: 0 mins
      • Cook Time: 0 mins
      • Total Time: 0 mins




      • 5 Pounds Sockeye Salmon- 4-6 Fillets
      • 1  Gallon Cool Water
      • 1 Cup Salt
      • ½ Cup Dark Brown Sugar
      • ½ Cup Raw Cane Sugar


      1. Start fire to bring smoker to low temperature.
      2. Combine water, salt, and sugar and stir until dissolved to create a brine.
      3. Cut thawed salmon into 1/2in x 4in strips and soak in brine for 45 minutes.
      4. Drain and rinse salmon strips to remove excess salt.
      5. Place strips of salmon on oiled grate 1in apart.
      6. Place grate 2-3 feet directly above fire.
      7. Bring fire to a smolder using wet/green maple, alder, alder or cherry wood. The smoker should remain at low temp for the first 4-5 hours keeping the internal temperature of the salmon close to 90°F. Tend fire as needed to maintain temperature.
      8. Increase temperature of smoker to maintain a salmon internal temperature of 120°F using dry wood and continue smoking for the remaining 3 hours.