The Best Buttery Scallop Recipe (And They're Baked!)

Did you ever feel a bit intimidated by seared scallops? They are so melt-in-your-mouth delicious when done right but there's a thin line between perfectly prepared and terribly wrong - a line that's quite easy to cross when you're casually cooking at home for friends or family. That's why the Baked Scallop recipe below, borrowed from Healthy Recipes Blog, caught our attention. Baking (with a set timer, of course) proved to be a much easier way to monitor the scallops' progress and serve them at the perfect opportunity. The buttery sauce that results is to die for as well! 

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l4r8s5d9, title=THE BEST BUTTERY SCALLOP RECIPE (AND THEY'RE BAKED!) ]]

    Did you ever try baking scallops or preparing them in a unique way? Let us know!

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    • Love with thin sliced pancetta. Put a scallop on a piece of pancetta. Put a small piece of your favorite cheese ( cheddar, blue, etc ) on the scallop. Bring the pancetta up around the scallop and squeeze the top together in a purse. Bake then under broiler to crisp pancetta.

      James Moore 02-16-2022

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