Instant Pot Wild Alaska Salmon with Peanut Sauce

Instant Pot Wild Alaska Salmon with Peanut Sauce

Who among us has jumped on the Instant Pot train is now whirling, full-speed ahead and unable to get off? You’ve done the stews, the curries, the faster-than-ever dry beans, the butter chicken, the chili. What’s missing? Seafood!

We are excited to have found an Instant Pot recipe that works for our favorite protein: Wild Alaska Salmon. The bulk of the time and energy of this recipe is used up on the peanut sauce, but even that is minimal due to the trusty Instant Pot. This recipe steams the fish rather than overcooking. Dig out that steamer basket!

What else other seafood have you tried in your Instant Pot? We are thinking Shrimp Gumbo next!?

[[ recipeID=recipe-9l4ob5sk0, title=INSTANT POT WILD ALASKA SALMON WITH PEANUT SAUCE ]]



    peanut sauce salmon

    Photo by Serious Eats


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