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The New Year calls for fresh, healthy recipes that are alternatives to our favorite, not-so-healthy dishes. Fish and potatoes happen to be a delightful combo, but they are not always the healthiest option. This ling cod fish cake recipe combines both in a way that still allows you to start improving your eating habits in 2023!  

What is a fish cake?

There are two common types of fishcakes: Asian-style and European-style. Asian-style fish cakes typically include salt, water, starch, and egg. 

A European-style fish cake, which we will make in this recipe, is a dish made with fish or other seafood, mixed with a starchy ingredient like potatoes. The cake can be coated in breadcrumbs or batter and is typically fried. 

Fish cakes are said to have originated in around the 19th century, where they mixed up leftover fish and potatoes, dipped it in batter and fried it to serve as a snack. The cakes were typically made of cod, but nowadays different kinds of fish and crab have become more popular. 

How to make fish cakes

One awesome thing about fish cakes is that they are extremely versatile. Typically, any firm white fish like cod makes for a perfect fish cake. Crab cakes are a classic too, or you can even use salmon!

Making fish cakes with potatoes is probably the most common way to make this soft, tasty treat. To make the perfect fish cake, you have to combine flaky fish with a fluffy mash of potatoes. The potatoes should be mashed until smooth, but without adding any milk, so the cakes don’t get too soft but still stick together. Fish cakes can be made with fresh boiled potatoes, or you can even put your leftover mash to good use!

When you bind the fish with the potatoes, it is important to add a beaten egg because it helps keep the cake firm, together, and easy to mold. Once you mix the fish, potatoes, and egg, you are all set with some perfect fish cakes ready to bread and fry. 

Then, you can coat your fish cakes in whatever breading you like - this recipe uses flour, egg, and panko bread crumbs. If you aren’t feeling bread crumbs, you could also crush up some crackers or use cornmeal - a great alternative for those with gluten allergies. 

How to cook ling cod

Ling cod is a lean fish with a mild flavor and firm texture. Because of this, it is a versatile fish that can be pan-seared, baked, or broiled any way you like. For this fish cake recipe, you can bake the ling cod for about 10 minutes, or pan-sear it for 4 minutes on each side. 

Ling cod recipes are so fun to make because you can add a wide variety of strong flavors along with it, but the fish never detracts from the dish. 

Health benefits of ling cod

This recipe reminds us of staple dishes like fish and chips or crab cakes. However, since this dish uses ling cod and only a little bit of oil, it is a much healthier alternative to the typical favorites. 

Like many of our products at Wild for Salmon, our wild-caught Alaskan ling cod is a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3’s in ling cod promote heart health and can help lower cholesterol. Wild-caught ling cod also promotes healthy bones, cartilage, skin, and blood. 

These ling cod fish cakes are a delicious way to help you get on track to a heart-healthy new year!

What to serve with fish cakes

Fish cakes are typically served with mustard sauce or any kind of spicy dip. Tartar sauce is also a tasty, easy option. 

These cakes could serve well on their own as a fun snack, or can be paired with a wide variety of options. 

As for side dishes, you could brighten up the fish cakes with a fresh salad with nuts and veggies, which keeps the dish hearty and healthy. Roasted veggies like brussel sprouts could also brighten up the dish and pair well with the cakes with their earthy flavor. 

If you’d like to fill up your family and keep this dish hearty, you could opt to serve the cakes with rice or sweet potato fries. Or, you could mix up your own broccoli salad or coleslaw to add some acidity that pairs well with the fish cakes. 

Now that you know what they are, how to make them, and what to pair them with, it’s time to get to it and start your year off right with ling cod fish cakes!

Notes from the Recipe Developer 

I love crabcakes, but not all of the cholesterol that comes with it. I am also down for a round of Fish and Chips, but not all of the oil that comes with it. A good New Year’s resolution to have is to eat healthier. Enter Lingcod Fish Cakes. 

These white fish cakes are a healthy option that can be made with any flakey white fish. They rely on mashed potatoes to make the inside creamy like a gnocchi. Since they have potatoes in them, it is like having both Fish and Chips in one bite. Instead of deep frying, this dish uses a small amount of oil to make the crunchy golden brown crust. 

I like to serve it with coleslaw because the tart vinegar pairs well with the fish. It gives the same balance that the malted vinegar which comes with Fish and Chips provides.



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Nancy Ingersoll is a recipe developer and food photographer in San Diego, California. Always up for adventure, she learned the art of sauces and soufflés from one of James Beard Award winner Roy’s Yamaguchi’s executive chefs, and her curious spirit has been fed with cooking classes domestically and abroad. Nancy is also known as The Creative Resource and you can find her work on and on instagram as @thecreativeresource.

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