Why Choose Wild Alaska Seafood?

Alaska’s state constitution states that: “Fish…be utilized, developed and maintained on the sustained yield principle”. In other words, Alaska’s prized fish populations are managed and protected by the state of Alaska to prevent overfishing and to preserve natural, long-term ecological balance. Alaska is home to 47 different fish species, including 5 species of Alaska Salmon. Here at Wild for Salmon, we commercial fish primarily for Alaska Sockeye Salmon!


Bristol Bay, Alaska

Bristol Bay hosts the world’s largest commercial Sockeye salmon fishery. Every year in Bristol Bay, salmon run into it’s rivers to spawn. On average, 35.1 million Sockeye Salmon run into the rivers annually!
Because of the bay’s remote environment away from industrial development, and it’s watershed consisting of 5 major river systems, Bristol Bay is a vital refuge for both oceanic and freshwater fish species – including Sockeye Salmon.
Every day, Alaska State Biologists are counting the salmon running into each river system as the salmon swim into protected spawning areas throughout the watershed. Each commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay is constantly in contact with the biologists who are informing the fisherman whether or not they may put their nets in the water. Alaska’s diligent tracking and management of each salmon run is protecting future generations of salmon to repeat the process as well as sustaining the world’s salmon consumption.


What Can You Do?

Buy direct from the fisherman! Buying seafood from the fisherman or fisherwoman gives you confidence that your fish have been properly handled, sustainably harvested from Alaska waters, and available to you at a fair price. Wild for Salmon is proud to fish on the waters of Bristol Bay to provide you with only the best quality, wild-caught Alaska Sockeye salmon. We strive to source from only the best Alaska fishermen to provide you with a variety of other wild-caught salmon, whitefish, scallops, crabs, and more. When you know your fishermen, you know where your quality seafood came from!