Alaska Sockeye Salmon Portion & Burger Grill Pack
Alaska Sockeye Salmon Portion & Burger Grill Pack

Alaska Sockeye Salmon Portion & Burger Grill Pack


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Sockeye Salmon Portions:

Skin on/Boneless
Individually packaged, 6 oz portions of our Sockeye Salmon fillet.
Our Sockeye Salmon is once-frozen hours after catch to pass on the best color, flavor, and texture you can find outside Alaska. Sockeye Salmon’s diet of krill and phytoplankton exclusively give its firm meat the dramatic hue and deep flavor profile that make it the most notorious salmon species. A rich source of iron, selenium, Vitamins A, B, D and heart healthy omega 3s.
Portions come boneless and skin-on
Avg 6oz each
Sustainably Harvested, Wild Caught and Processed in the USA (Bristol Bay, AK)

Sockeye Salmon Burgers:

A chance to try all our salmon burgers & pick your favorites! Each order will contain 1 lb of our Feta Dill, Garden Style, Spicy, and Sockeye salmon burgers.

Prepared in Bloomsburg, PA
100% ground Alaska Sockeye Salmon & seasoning, weighed out and pressed into 1/4lb patties. Just defrost, grill, broil, or pan fry! Tap into your adventurous side and add your favorite seasonings for your own salmon burger experience.  No fillers, flours, and Gluten Free!
Allergen Information: Processed and packed in a facility that also processes shellfish. Processed and packaged on a line that may come in contact with trace amounts of dairy.
4oz patties, 2 patties per pack

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