Fishtival Salmon Experience Box - 4.5lbs


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Dive in and experience Fishtival! Wild for Salmon celebrates the Alaska fishing season with our fishtival box. This box includes a variety of wild caught salmon species including King, Keta, Coho, Pink & Sockeye.

Our Fishtival Salmon Experience Box includes: 2 sockeye portions (.75lbs), .2  keta portions (.75lbs), 2 king portions (1lb), 2 coho portions (1lb) & 2 pink portions (1lb)

Wild Caught Salmon Guide

King Salmon - rich red flesh, succulent flavor, high oil content & firm texture
Keta Salmon - pink flesh, mild flavor & firm texture
Coho Salmon - orange-red flesh, delicate flavor & firm texture
Pink Salmon - rosy pink flesh, delicate light flavor & tender texture
Sockeye Salmon - deep red flesh, distinctive rich flavor & firm texture

Due to the small-batch nature of our processing for King, Coho, and Pink Salmon, these portions come skin-on and bone-in.

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