Alaskan Black Cod Portions


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Wild Caught Alaska Black Cod Portion

Wild Caught Black Cod is also known as sablefish or butterfish. Black cod is a delicate fish with a rich flavor. Black cod is also packed with healthy omega 3 fatty acids. Black cod is said to have a melt-in-your-mouth experience and texture. Each black cod portion is an average of 6-8 oz and skin on, bone-in.

How to cook Alaskan black cod

Black cod is delicate, for best results you should pan fry, sear or bake it. Black cod should only take a few minutes to cook. For more recipes and cooking instructions, visit our blog here.

Sustainably Harvested, Wild Caught and Processed in the USA

Nutrition Information
Serving Size 3 oz (85g)
Amount Per Serving
Calories 210
Protein 15g 
Fat 17g
Saturated Fat 6g 
Cholesterol 54mg 
Sodium 62mg 
Total Omega-3s 1543mg 

*Cooked, 3 oz./ 85 g | Source: USDA Standard Reference Release 28 | Rounded per FDA guidelines


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