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Buying Club Referral Program

Buying Club Referral Program 

The more, the merrier, isn’t that what they say? If your friend signs up to join a buying club and buys $25 or more using your special URL link, you will both receive $10.00 off your individual orders!


How to Use my Friend's URL

To get started, follow the link provided by your friend to create your buying club account or visits our buying club site and enter their unique referral code when signing up. This will register your account as their referee! Once you place an order of $25.00 or more you will receive a $10.00 discount applied at checkout and your friend will receive an email notification letting them know you used their URL and earned them a $10.00 discount as well! 

***If your first purchase is not over the minimum purchase amount of $25.00 the referral opportunity will be lost and no referral discount will be applied for you or the referring club member.****


How to Share your URL

Email! Social Media! Text! You can find your URL and code by logging into your buying club account and clicking the "Account" tab. Within this page you will see your unique URL which can be copied and pasted into any social media platform, text message, or email and shared. 


Redeeming Referrals

You will receive an email notification each time your URL/code is used by a new buying club member. All of your referral discounts will accumulate and be applied to your next order at checkout in the line "Referral Discount". If no referral discounts have been earned the line will not show and will only show if the qualifying purchase amount of $25.00 has been reached. 


Additional Information 

Referrals cannot be applied to previously placed orders and can not be held to apply to future orders. The sum of all referral discounts earned will be applied at the time of purchase if order is over $25.00. If purchase below $25.00 is made, the total referral discounts earned  will be applied to the next order of $25.00+. 

Rewards are subject to change; currently each person you refer to join our buying clubs will earn a $10.00 discount and you will earn a $10.00 for each person referred.  

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