About Local Pickup

What is "Local Pickup"

Introducing our new system: Local-Pickups
Offering our customers the same online convenience, sizeable discounts & zero shipping costs.
How? Create an online order, receive (insert discount)% off, purchase through our online store & pick-up your order at a nearby pick-up location.

Our Local Pickup customers, previously known as “Buying Club Members” are groups of individuals who meet at a predetermined place, date, and time to pick up pre-ordered products purchased through our WFS online store. This system allows groups of customers to receive sizeable discounts on our premium products AND zero shipping costs! Our Local Pickup customers not only receive the benefit of buying the highest quality seafood at the lowest price possible, but have the opportunity to meet, greet, and mingle with our crew. If they want to get any closer to the origin, they’d have to hop on deck. 

Originally, WFS Local Pickups started as “Buying clubs” which were groups of friends and families that ordered 100+ lbs of WFS product together for free delivery to a designated location. Each pickup location, date, and time was always determined by a buying club “leader”. Typically, club deliveries were scheduled twice a year; during the Spring and Fall.

The New System

Unlike before, members will not be limited to only one club and location. Rather, all customers will have the option to purchase their desired product(s) online and pick-up at any WFS designated “Local Pickup” point. These “Local Pickups” will have regular, predictable schedules that will occur more regularly than 2x a year (with the exception of small clubs beyond a 100mi radius). Keep in mind, when choosing this purchase option, memberships are not required! Pay online, pickup n’ go as you please! 

Our new system was created to make this the easiest, most affordable way for customers to incorporate our sustainable, nutrient-dense seafood into their diet. Customers can still enjoy the perks of ordering from the privacy of their own home, but will still receive our outstanding customer service during pick-up. Discounted product, zero shipping cost & no hassle.

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