1lb White Gulf Shrimp 31/35 count peeled & deveined


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Wild Caught White Gulf Shrimp 31/35

White gulf shrimp are a smaller variety at 31/35 per pound. These are the most popular and abundant in the Gulf of Mexico. These wild caught white shrimp will have a more mild flavor and texture than compared to the Hoppers or Browns. White gulf shrimp have a natural sweet flavor and are a great source of protein. Our white shrimp are frozen peeled and deveined.

How to cook white gulf shrimp

White gulf shrimp are one of our most quick and easy shrimp to cook. The white gulf shrimp are peeled and deveined. White gulf shrimp can be cooked from frozen or defrosted before cooking. They can be prepared by easily be cooked by pan frying or sauteing. These shrimp are also great paired with sauces, marinades or spices. For more cooking instructions and recipes, visit our blog here.

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