Alaskan Keta Salmon Whole Fillets


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Wild Caught Keta Fillets

Our Wild Caught Alaskan Keta Salmon fillets are a perfect option for feeding a family or when entertaining. Each individual fillet is 1.25lb and can feed up to 6 individuals. Large whole fillet of Keta Salmon, perfect for large gatherings. Keta salmon has a lower calorie content, but is still packed with protein. It is an excellent source of selenium, phosphorus, potassium and healthy omega 3’s. 

2.5 LB Box of Keta Salmon Fillets = 2 fillets
10 LB Box of Keta Salmon Fillets = 7-8 fillets

How to cook Keta Salmon Fillets

Due to its lower oil content, recommend cooking Keta at lower temperatures. It is excellent for smoking and its firm, pink flesh makes it a good fish for grilling or roasting. Keta fillet pairs wonderfully with flavorful sauces and marinades to offer a salmon treat unlike any other Alaska species.

Sustainably Harvested, Wild Caught and Processed in the USA (Bristol Bay, AK) 

Nutrition Information
Serving Size 3 oz (85g)
Amount Per Serving
Calories 130
Protein 22g 
Fat 4g
Saturated Fat 1g 
Cholesterol 80mg 
Sodium 54mg 
Total Omega-3s 683mg 

*Cooked, 3 oz./ 85 g | Source: USDA Standard Reference Release 28 | Rounded per FDA guidelines


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