Walnut Maple Crusted Coho

Dig into a meal perfectly balanced with toasted walnuts, sweet and savory maple dijon and wild caught coho salmon! Your tastebuds will thank you... and crave this plate again!

Salmon Street Tacos

Salmon street tacos are a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional beef or chicken tacos. Tender seasoned...

Keta Ikura French Omelette

Keta Ikura is so much more than a sushi topping! It is a delicacy that can make a meal feel and taste so much more exciting and delicious. This Keta Ikura French omelette will make you excited to wake up and start cooking!

Halibut Cheeks with Summer Squash and Pesto

A quick meal to hold onto the the end of summer! Halibut cheeks are a tender and juicy meat with the bright flavor of pesto and fresh summer squash! 

Salmon Frittata

Salmon frittata is a delicious dish that combines the rich flavor of salmon with the light and fluffy texture of e...

Nashville Hot Sockeye Salmon

      This Nashville hot sockeye salmon recipe is a spicy twist using simple cooking instructions. The recipe us...