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Instant Pot Wild Alaska Salmon with Peanut Sauce

Instant Pot Wild Alaska Salmon with Peanut Sauce Who among us has jumped on the Instant Pot train is now whirling, f...

Soup Season!

Fish Bone (not Stone!) Soups   Hey there! How’s winter treating you? Do you live in the polar vortex zone? Is there a...

Blackened Pacific Cod with Polenta & Grape Tomatoes from Kimberton Whole Foods

Our friends at Kimberton Whole Foods have an impressive and extensive Recipes page. For folks local to one of their ...

Ground Salmon Recipe (g)Round Up!

A while back, I put together a recipe compilation post called “Alternative Uses for Salmon Burgers.” It’s a great, re...

Black Cod Marinated with Honey

Serves: 6  Prep Time: 12+ hours (Let's call it marinade time) Cook Time: 10 minutes   Ingredients  1 cup honey 1/3 c...
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