Homemade Valentine's Day Seafood Recipes



Emma Frisch's Cajun Shrimp and Wild Rice

This Cajun style shrimp will make you feel like you're enjoying a romantic evening in New Orleans.  Emma provides variations for simple or spicy Cajun seasoning and gives ideas for sides like black beans, sweet corn and other vegetables like steamed green beans or snap peas.





Sockeye salmon or Albacore Tuna Sushi Rolls

Check out our recipe for ideas on what to put in sushi rolls and have fun making your own together. Did you know our sockeye salmon and albacore tuna are sashimi quality? This means they're safe to enjoy raw in your favorite preparation.





Broiled Lobster Tails with Grilled Delmonico Steaks

 The classic combination of seafood and red meat is a treat you can make at home easier than you may think! Our recipe explains how to beautifully prepare our Maine lobster tails and recommendations for a perfectly grilled steak.


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