10 Easy & Healthy Seafood Recipes To Make This Fall

The best fall dishes to make your taste buds go wild for more easy seafood recipes!

One of the best parts about the arrival of autumn is the opportunity to reset your go-to, weeknight summer grilling dishes with the tasty and seasonal flavors of fall!

Moving from spicy, tangy and fruity foods like barbecue, corn, and watermelon to more elegant, aromatic foods and spices like apples, pumpkins, cinnamon and cranberries has never been hard to do. We relish the opportunity to put the grill away for the winter and tuck back into our kitchens to embrace the cozy act of baking on a cold fall day.

And while many of us become busy baking our favorite pastries, diving into classic family recipes, and attempting a new fancy dish we aim to master by Thanksgiving, we will be the first to admit - sometimes the best fall dinner is a simple and healthy one.

After a long day of baking sugar-filled sweet treats or a busy week at work ahead and dwindling daylight hours, the last thing anyone wants is two hours of prep work for a dinner that provides little nourishment. At that point, ordering burgers for take out is looking pretty darn appealing!

So how do you avoid racking up the carbs and delivery bills this fall? Using a form of lean protein like wild-caught seafood provides the whole family with sustenance that’ll keep them going all week. Many are surprised at the number of ways you can combine fall flavors with classic seafood items like salmon, shrimp, and white fish while keeping your cooking efforts relatively simple. After all, a tasty and healthy seafood recipe is the best treat of all!

Check out These 10 Easy & Healthy Fall Seafood Recipes for the perfect solution to healthy fall dinners that are bursting with flavor and easy as pie to make.

1. One Pot Shrimp Gumbo

Nothing says easy like a fall soup recipe! While many believe making traditional gumbo is practically an artform, Chef Marisa has designed this One Pot Shrimp Gumbo specifically to accomplish that same great flavor while saving on dishes.

Perfect for a cozy fall day, this recipe combines the bold flavor of wild Brown Gulf Shrimp alongside more traditional ingredients like andouille sausage, celery, onions, peppers and of course, Cajun seasoning and paprika. The shells from the shrimp also double as small batch of the seafood stock needed for the base of this fall soup!
See the full recipe HERE.
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2. Apple Cider Glazed Salmon

Whether you're a Granny Smith fan or more of a Red Delicious person, our list of healthy fall recipes wouldn’t be complete without some sort of apple themed cuisine. This Apple Cider Glazed Salmon recipe is a great way to celebrate the popularity this flavor offers during this time of year!

After you acquire your wild-caught sockeye salmon, the other most important ingredient is the apple cider used in the glaze. Be sure to buy unfiltered apple cider from the grocery store as it has a bolder apple flavor. Or, make use of your local farm’s fall apple harvest by pressing your own apples like Captain Steve and his family does each year!

The rest of the glaze used in this recipe simply calls for a combination of classic fall flavors like Allspice, ginger and bay leaves and half a small jalapeno in order to maximize this dish’s savory taste. Simple ingredients for a delicious fall meal!
See the full recipe HERE.
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3. Savory Fall Scallops

With a sweet, melt in your mouth flavor, Alaskan Weathervane Scallops are the perfect lean protein to combine with the juicy and tart notes of pomegranate. Throw in a white wine reduction and hot butter based sauce and you’ve created the epitome of fall in one delicious bite!
With only 40 minutes from start to finish, this 7 ingredient recipe created by Coley Cooks brings a sense of easy elegance to your dining table this fall. Cook it up as a Book Club snack, a spirited appetizer for your next holiday gathering or as your new favorite fall side dish!
See the full recipe HERE.

4. Snow Crab Bisque

The best fall soups, in our opinion, are seafood bisques! Traditional bisques can be identified by their heavy cream base and ground shellfish stock paste that thickens it. For this Snow Crab Bisque, Chef Marisa uses the shell to create a rich, homemade stock in order to infuse the entire dish with its sweet flavor.

Once the stock has been prepared, it is transformed into a smooth and creamy bisque with a vegetable mixture, flour paste and white wine reduction and the use of a standard blender. A healthy fall dinner that is both comforting and nourishing on a cold fall day!
See the full recipe HERE.
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5. Smoked Salmon Frittata with Feta Herbs, Topped with Arugula Salad

Another classic fall flavor in the seafood world, smoked salmon is one of the more versatile options when it comes to planning a healthy fall meal.

With a lean protein source like salmon, Vitamin D and protein-packed eggs, and nutrient dense vegetables, this Smoked Salmon Frittata recipe is an easy way to throw a mixture of healthy ingredients into one skillet and ring the dinner bell in no time!

Chef Marisa also gives you the option of dressing this frittata up by finalizing it with fresh arugula tossed in a lemon honey dijon sauce. A light but satisfyingly healthy fall recipe that can be served any time of day. Whether it’s your brunch, light lunch, or “breakfast for dinner”, you’ve got to try this one!

Here at Wild For Salmon, we offer a variety of smoked salmon products, from traditional smoked salmon, to smoked salmon pouches, to nova style salmon. All options fit perfectly into this recipe and are a great way to see which smoked salmon style is your favorite in this dish!
See the full recipe HERE.
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6. Parmesan Herb Baked Halibut with White Beans and Gremolata

Both comforting and fancy enough to include on the dinner party menu, this Parmesan Herb Baked Halibut is an easy recipe to prepare for any size group.

Using Panko breadcrumbs, parmesan, olive oil and herbs to coat mild flavored wild Alaskan Halibut is a great way to bring fall flavors to a classic white fish you and your family can always count on.

The other half of this recipe features an herb-rich gremolata garnish that sits atop your crusted halibut and white bean creation as the final touch. We love this recipe for the fall as it brings an incredibly comforting aroma of warm spices to your kitchen whilst blending and baking the dish - plus it’s ready within just 35 minutes!
See the full recipe HERE.
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7. Molasses Ginger Salmon with Roasted Acorn Squash and Pomegranate

Once again our friend Emma Frisch nails yet another easy fall seafood recipe with her Molasses Ginger Salmon recipe - because what’s more fall than acorn squash and ginger?

This molasses ginger glaze is something we think about year-round all thanks to its simplicity. Combined with the sweet flavors of acorn squash, this glaze reduces into a tangy, sticky sauce that tastes incredible when coated over richly flavored sockeye salmon portions that’ve been sizzling in a cast iron for less than 10 minutes. And we love a good salmon when it sizzles in the fall!
See the full recipe HERE.

8. Pan Roasted Black Cod with Lemon Pistachio Picada

An added depth of fall flavor to an already decadent white fish? Yes please! This Alaskan Black Cod recipe showcases the melt in your mouth texture of the white fish while adding a simple lemon and pistachio topping to maximize flavor without sacrificing the white fish taste.

The pistachio picada (or crushed nut paste, similar to a pesto) in this recipe brings a nutty flavor to the dish that is perfect for fall. The minimally processed and oil- and vinegar-focused ingredients make the Mediterranean roots in this dish shine, allowing for a healthy yet comforting fall dinner recipe you’ll want to make through the winter!
See the full recipe HERE.
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9. Cajun Shrimp with Wild Rice

Originally inspired by Emma Frisch’s stand up comedy teacher, this Cajun Shrimp with Wild Rice recipe is sure to be a hit with your #1 household fans (aka, the kiddos)! Rice is always a fantastic go-to option for fall cooking, and with the way Emma has seasoned this recipe it’s no doubt we’ll be cooking it through April.

Paprika, garlic, oregano, thyme and cayenne pepper come together into one delicious Cajun seasoning that our White Gulf Shrimp can be tossed and seared in. Emma’s final touch of briefly satueing the rice and shrimp together in the same Cajun seasoning from the beginning of the recipe packs in the final warm, spice heavy flavors.

This recipe is perfect for the fall as it heeds a ton of leftovers that can last in the fridge for up to 5 days - perfect for a day when you need something quick and easy!
See the full recipe HERE.
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10. Classic Salmon Chowder

What can we say - it’s a fall classic, and for a good reason! This wild Alaskan salmon chowder is a quintessential fisherman dish because it is a comforting soup that warms both the body and soul against cold, wet weather.

A great fall slow cooker recipe, this Classic Salmon Chowder Recipe is one that you can enjoy day after day, knowing you’re getting your day’s worth of vitamins and minerals from the salmon that is the base of it all. The perfect comfort food for any chilly day this season, we highly recommend adding this Salmon Chowder recipe to your list of easy and healthy fall seafood recipes!
See the full recipe HERE.
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